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John Boos & Co. remains a leading manufacturer in the foodservice and food retail sectors since 1887. Initially crafting butcher blocks, the company diversified in the mid-1960s, introducing its first stainless steel table. This move marked the beginning of an expansion into the stainless steel fabricated table business, adapting to evolving market demands. The company’s stainless steel division has since grown, offering a full range of products, including custom fabrication. Integrating the art of stainless steel fabrication and woodworking, John Boos & Co. produces commercial-quality mobile carts, baker’s stations, and work tables with handcrafted butcher block tops and professional stainless steel bases.

It stands as the sole U.S. company with on-site stainless steel and wood manufacturing facilities. Serving the foodservice industry and various markets, John Boos & Co. delivers diverse stainless steel equipment, catering to individual project requirements, from chef’s counters to drink stations. The company’s commitment to meeting high demands and embracing new technology has fueled its growth in providing innovative products. Trusted by industries such as restaurant chains, sports stadiums, supermarkets, casinos, culinary institutes, convention centers, airports, hotels, healthcare, and more, John Boos remains dedicated to delivering quality custom steel equipment and butcher blocks.

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